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Meeting Planners:  Book Annabelle and Make Your Next Event Truly Unforgettable

Annabelle Bondar specializes in delivering high impact, deeply inspiring Keynote Presentations, Workshops and Expert Advice that will help your attendees Survive and Thrive with Cancer

A well-known spokeswoman for cancer, Annabelle has been interviewed and featured in major media as an expert on surviving, thriving and becoming cancer free.

Annabelle Bondar is no stranger to cancer. In fact, she’s met it head on in many stages of her life, which you can read about here.

Annabelle was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and her healing journey included traditional and non-traditional treatments which extended into deep emotional healing she never saw coming.

Her eyes and heart were opened to a wide range of healing modalities which have given her the tools she needed to begin her legacy of helping others thrive with cancer.

She is a published author of Messages from the Heart: Learning to Love Cancer and Messages from the Heart: Freeing the Butterfly Within.

Annabelle is a master at helping others cope with cancer.  At your event she’ll share inspiring stories of people who have been touched by cancer in some way.

Here are a few of the events Annabelle has hosted and produced:

■One Enchanted Evening

■Brunch With Bonnie Stern

■Jack Canfield – Edmonton

■Tickled Pink with Dr. Demartini

■Secrets of Today’s Modern Woman

■Bon Appetit with Bonnie Stern

■Jack Canfield – Calgary

■Diana Ross Concert

Annabelle leaves audiences captivated, hopeful and deeply moved by her amazing messages of courage and inspiration. Her message and mission is to inspire a healthy mind, body and soul.

As a sought out speaker, writer, certified trainer of the Demartini Method and intuitive health and wellness facilitator, Annabelle shares her powerful tools to help others on their healing journey.

Annabelle is available for media interviews, keynote speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, private retreats and book signing events. To schedule Annabelle for an interview or speaking engagement contact Annabelle here.