Book – Messages From The Heart: Learning To Love Cancer


Understand Health
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Annabelle embarked on a personal journey to reclaim her optimum health. In doing so, she underwent traditional and alternative medical procedures and realized that health is not only about eating the right foods and taking the right supplements; it is really about understanding the underlying source of one’s ailments and imbalances.

Personal Experiences
In a detailed account of her search for optimum wellness, Annabelle recounts her personal experiences with various doctors and healers she met along the way, describes the protocol that was designed specifically for her and shares her discovery that disease is about healing the wounds of the past and ultimately about achieving self-actualization.

New Inspiration
Some see disease as a battle. Why not see it as a wonderful journey of healing, self-discovery and love? In this book lies magical realizations that could forever change the way we understand life and love and inspire a new paradigm in health and wellness

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The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine
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Dr. Jeffrey Way’s office
Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre
Health and Happiness Holistic Clinic
Self-Connection Books
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Chapters Books – Chinook, Calgary
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“Whether you have a truly life-altering health concern such as cancer, or whether you simply desire to have an ever-greater standard of health and life, the special book you are about to read will be a gift to your living future. It could add years to your life and life to your years. Like planting flowers in a garden, and harvesting a bouquet of beautiful fragrances and petals, reading Messages from the Heart: Learning to Love Cancer will be like planting inspiring new seeds in the garden of your heart and mind.”

Dr. John Demartini