I was just 8 years old when my father was diagnosed with cancer

That tickle in his throat was much more serious than any of us thought. It was just a year after my mom had passed away and I know he felt the emptiness.

That was the beginning of his healing journey.

Growing up I watched my dad do what it took to heal himself; everything from deep breathing, gratitude affirmations to dancing around the house with me. He worked on the emotional issues he knew were a part of his cancer–and he lived a full life.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 (at exactly the same age as my dad, and ironically one year after his death), I knew there had to be a way to heal myself.

And so I began a journey towards wellness that radically transformed my understanding of life. My healing included a variety of breast cancer treatment therapies, both conventional and alternative. My choice of treatments brought me face to face with complementary cancer and health care and my eyes were opened to many wonderful healing paths.

The healing journey brought closure to unresolved issues in my past and opened the door to a future in which I could openly share with others my experiences with cancer and healing.

The story of my journey can be found in my first book, Messages from the Heart: Learning to Love Cancer, published in 2005. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

This personal journal has helped thousands of women understand that the healing journey is not always an easy one and we need others around us to remind us of what really matters.

My second book, Messages from the Heart: Freeing the Butterfly Within has just been released and you can click here to order.

This book contains wonderful stores of people just like you, real people with families sharing stories of hope, courage and inspiration. It picks up where my first book left off.

I feel blessed to live in Calgary, Alberta, where I am surrounded by family, friends, and all of you in my universe who make my life sparkle with love and gratitude.

I have dedicated my life to empowering those whose lives have been touched by cancer—empowering and inspiring to health the mind, the body and the soul. I do this through speaking, writing, as a healing and wellness facilitator, and certified trainer of the Demartini Method. This powerful healing tool helped me in my journey to wellness -ten years later, cancer-free. I love sharing it with other women on their healing journey.

We all need people, especially when faced with one of life’s toughest challenges. Thank you for being on this website; learning about my journey to health, not only from breast cancer but to a life that is lived differently than the past. I look forward to being able to help you on yours.