The Learning to Love Cancer Community Provides
A Safe Place to Support Those Touched by Cancer
with Prevention, Wellness and Transformation Tips
to Survive and Thrive


You have found a safe and supportive community where the confusing diagnosis of cancer is understood. This is a place for everyone who has been touched by cancer to get the support and resources you need to survive, thrive and discover ways to become cancer free. You see, I have experienced this journey myself. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, I was first of all shocked, then the cascade of emotions came flooding in.  Uncertainty became my constant companion as I began the unsettling journey most women with breast cancer find themselves on.

I know that the journey to healing does not have to be so tumultuous. I’ve been cancer free since 2001 and I’ve discovered resource that can make your journey much easier.  It doesn’t need to be full of fear and anger.  Although I know you may not see it is a beautiful thing today, there are benefits that can come to you on this healing journey.  Benefits that in this moment seem completely impossible. Through trial and error, more mistakes than I can count and a lot of tears, I today can look back and see that the journey has been incredibly beautiful.  What growth I have experienced in every area of my life!

It’s why I am committed to helping women, just like you, through the journey of being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Whether you are choosing traditional treatment, complementary (or alternative treatment) or a combination of both, I would like to offer support, guidance and resources to make this time for you as calming and easy as possible.

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As Always,
It’s Me



“Annabelle, you represent a beautiful butterfly to me! In an important time for healing you cocooned yourself with self-love to transcend from fear to faith; from pain to purpose; from “ill”ness to “well”ness. Now you are flying free to show your beauty and strength to inspire others to do the same.”